Riding with Dad


The weather here this summer has been sensational.

Last Friday, we said goodbye to my parents who had been staying with us for the previous 4 weeks. Farewells are always tough, especially when you live as far as you can travel from your home, before you start heading back.

I was told many horror stories regarding the weather here in Vigo during the month of August and how it usually rains, now having spent the previous 9 years living through each summer here, I have found them to be generously summery. I can only imagine that due to climate change (or long term weather variation) summers have become drier and the old adage no longer holds true.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had come down with pneumonia and was on a course of antibiotics, so getting out on the bike was postponed until things had cleared up. That day fell on the 6th August and it involved a leisurely roll down the coast a mere 30km but it felt like a 100 for me!

Being out on the bike again with dad had been a long time coming, almost 18yrs. It was great to finally be out on the road again with him. Although it was met with a little trepidation on my part. My dad has had very little experience riding on the other side of the road and now that he is in his 6th decade + one, I was perhaps experiencing heightened levels of anxiety 😉 But on the whole, things went swimmingly, except for one unfortunate incident with a concrete barrier that makes up part of a cycle path along the coast, fortunately Dad came through the fall with only superficial abrasions. I won’t go into details about massive concrete structures making up a cycle path on a main road, that will be a topic for another post.

It certainly was really great to be able to reconnect with Dad, who by the way, had not stopped rolling those wheels during my hiatus. We shared some great moments and now have wonderful memories. A big thanks to Mum too for letting Dad come out with me! I know she would be out with us if she could 😉 Love you Mum!

Meanwhile, here is Dad on our first ride after all those years, striking one of many poses whilst wearing CHB Cycling kit!


Oh, the GIANT TCR Advanced 1 that Dad brought over instead of my old bike, well, it has found a new home and I am very thankful. Love you Dad!


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