The month of December

It’s winter here as you all know, however, I was surprised at how many kilometres I was able to clock up during the festive season, you can see these over on Strava Training.  For those who can’t wait to find out, I rode 1001 km and climbed 18,547m these numbers were brought to you by “Global Warming” without whose help, my great cycling December would not have been possible 😉


But seriously…this summer, sorry I mean this winter has been so far, very mild with little rain, a tad fresh perhaps in the mornings but perfect for getting out and riding. I managed to tackle a wee climb that had been on my wishlist for a while and had been told endlessly about…lack of cars and wonderful views etc… The opportunity arose and I went out and attacked it solo.

The climb rises immediately from the coast, it is a 6.8 km ascent with an average grade of 7%. I climbed it on the old 8 speed MMR Sprint with a 39/30t. Overall, the climb went well and I felt comfortable climbing with the setup on the bike.The folks who had told me about this climb were right. I experienced zero traffic and the beautiful views of the coast and Atlantic (I didn’t stop to take a descent picture) took my mind off the effort.


So far this winter we have been spoiled by the magnificent weather here and now with the solstice  behind us, I am almost not looking forward to the long, hot, sun drenched summer days which bring forth copious quantities of blinding sweat to mine eyes! Oh well, I must not complain…can’t have the best of both worlds…can I (we)..?

A late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


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