Saddle bags

The humble saddle bag, essential partner or aesthetic disruptor?

I have long been a silent proponent of the saddle bag and to be truthful, for a very long time never thought to do without it. It was a necessary cycling companion as necessary in fact as rubber on wheels.

However, last summer when my parents came to visit, my father, to my surprise, had done away with this indispensable piece of kit and carried all that is needed in his jersey’s pockets! Revolutionary, earth shattering I shouted to myself (this was a big move for my father) and what could possibly be the benefits?

My first thoughts turned to the negatives of relegating my dearly beloved cycling-bum bag (fanny pack for American readers) to the trash heap of cycling fashion.


  1. Would I have enough room in my rear pockets to fit all that resided in my bag? As it turns out, yes…more than enough space.
  2. Would my jersey get dirty from putting tubes, levers and tools in it? No, not if using a zip-lock bag.
  3. What if I needed space to put something else? Reality check…you, don’t need extra space, minimalism is the new frugal.


  1. The bag I was using was a little wide and because of my bike fit, my inner thighs would rub against it, so I was always found myself pushing it out of the way in order to avoid this. Removing saddle bag would solve this problem.
  2. In inclement weather the bag would become waterlogged and dirty requiring periodic draining and cleaning.
  3. For none other than pure aesthetic reasons the CBB (Cycling Bum Bag) can ruin the beautiful clean and elegant lines that we all so adore.

So, in conclusion I have consigned my CBB to the dustbin of my cycling history and can honestly say that i am happy with the decision and to those who helped me get there.

Cleaner lines…don’t you think?




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