Well you’ve made it to my about page, so I guess you’d like to know more, read on…


I have yet to decide what this blog is going to be about…cycling obviously, but what’s my spin…? If you pardon the pun. I have trawled the internet, casting my net far and wide and have stumbled across some real gems. I suppose I am fishing for a new angle or a twist on an existing, tried and true format. Either way, the fruits of my labour will lie here, within.

I am not new to the road cycling scene of which I got my first taste some 26 years ago whilst still languishing in a NZ rural high school. The local cycling scene was a pretty tight knit community, as you could well imagine and the hardy fools who dressed in lycra and paraded around every Tuesday evening on there pushbikes where met with mirth rather than nowadays malice.

My exploits continued relatively unabated until 2000 when I decided to up sticks and make my way to the island continent of Australia and then on to the spiritual home of cycling itself, Europe. However, for the interim 16 years cycling for me consisted of watching the Tour de France and being in awe of the “Late” Greatest Tour de France Cyclist of All Time That Never Was (insert Texan here). My love affair with the Lone Star State Boy Wonder, I’ll explain some other time.

Nevertheless, none of this impacted on my love of the sport nor my aspiration to once again and excuse me here for borrowing these words (presumably uttered but perhaps not verbatim) by the immortal yet tragic Tom Simpson….

“Put me back on the bike”